Dale Sievert

Moss Gardening: From Japan Onward

Discussion led by Dale Sievert

Moss Expert

Thursday, August 18 at 7:00 PM

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Moss is often assumed to be an understatement of traditional and modern gardens, but often serves as a dominant plant and accent.  Dale Sievert discusses how moss is used in a variety of Japanese gardens in Kyoto and in the United States.

Dale Sievert has had a lifelong love of gardening.  He began his own landscape garden at the age of seven.  After his graduation from the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. in agronomy and an M.S. in agricultural economics, he studied horticulture and landscape design on his own.  He began his own Japanese-style garden in 2000, and during a visit to an oriental garden in 2005, he was stunned bt the beauty of a small moss garden.  Since then he has developed moss gardens of his own using over 50 species of moss on ground surfaces in over 300 containers and 600 rocks.  In 2012, Dale redesigned and rebuilt a moss garden in the Japanese garden at Rotary Botanic Garden in Janesville, WI.  In 2014, alongside expert Rick Smith, he built a small moss garden at the Garden of Phoenix in Chicago.  He has been a presenter at the North American Japanese Gardening Association (NAJGA) and was recently featured in The Magical World of Moss Gardening by Annie Martin.  Dale was also featured in articles in The American Gardener, the journal of the American Horticultural Society.

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